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•KEY FEATURES:  A Butyl rubber and asphalt based sealant designed specifically for sealing cracks and joints in asphalt or blacktop. It can also be used in driveway expansion joints. Seals leaks in all weather while remaining tough and flexible. May be applied in rain or snow and prevents ice and water damage.

•Recommended for high temperature adhesive applications, bonding loose shingles and sealing leaks and openings around chimneys, flashings, roof decks, vents, copings, and parapet walls. NOT RECOMMENDED for interior.

• COVERAGE - Using a 1/4" bead, 10oz cartridge will cover 30 lineal feet.
• DRY TIME – Sets within 24 hours and fully cures in 3-5 days.
• SPECS – Federal Specification SS-C-153-Type I.

(12 Pack/10.3oz tubes @ $3.25/each)


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